A Love Letter to Black Men

download-1He is so powerful that he can fill a dry river bed with an encouraging word or smile.  He gives me solice in a tumultuous world and his adoration is priceless. He is a natural leader full of wisdom and guidance.  I am safe with him because he is home.  He is caring, nurturing, and proud. He is the pages in my diary because he knows my secrets without me having to say a word. He gives unconditionally and forgives quickly. He loves me eternally, and I am grateful for his endurance.  He gives joy, acceptance, laughter, and support. He is royalty; which has birthed a loyalty unparallelled.  He is regal; causing him to command reverance. He has loved me back to life when I couldn’t. He makes me laugh through my tears, and he encourages me to keep moving when I don’t see a way forward.  He has cheered me on my entire life.  He is proud of me; and so I hold my head up higher. He has pictures of me throughout every stage in my life on his walls because I’m one of his most beautiful creations. He hugs me tight to show how much he loves me. He is my biggest cheerleader and toughest critic.  He is my reflection.  He is my air. He is me.

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